The Ultimate Bonanza Review

Hi Ingeborg – We’ve communicated with you via see this site email previously, but wanted to provide a response to your complaint here, as well. The information you received is indeed true. Bonanza requires all sellers to have a reauthorized PayPal account so that we can collect and remit sales tax as required by law. This is not a change by PayPal, but instead a change to the integration Bonanza uses with PayPal – previously the integration was optional , but going forward it is required. Unfortunately, PayPal does not support this integration within all countries .

  • I’m a seller and registered on Bonanza to sell my product.
  • If your products are on popular sales channels such as Bonanza and other marketplaces, your chances of getting more sales increase.
  • I wrote to the support and they answered, that I can no longer use their site.
  • Though Bonanza is expected to make the selling process much more simple, it was not successful until it was named as “an exciting eBay alternative” by the eCommerce blog.
  • I received it exactly as stated works great with original packaging and exactly when stated shipping.

The customer service Bonanza provides to sellers is outstanding. We encountered a problem, on a Saturday, with a customer’s order and messaged Bonanza staff. Unfortunately not all sellers live up to this standard and when we identify sellers who are not fulfilling their orders, we remove them from Bonanza.

Safety Index Of Bonanza Game Casino Explained – see this site

My history of online selling is over 17 years and counting. The atmosphere that I feel from Bonanza is one of good feelings, how can we help you and make things better, we are here for you, and most importantly Positive. If you have any further questions, please see our terms of service, which provide complete details about our user policies, including our right to suspend an account at any time. I tried Bonanza several times with different stores.

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These marketplaces are tough to beat, butBonanza certainly gives them a run for their money. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. If you have listed products on other sites, such as eBay, I would recommend branching out with Bonanza. Customer service has been great the few times we have needed them. This important to us, but more importantly, for our Customers should there ever be an issue.

Sellers Treat Customers Like Garbage With Impunity

It’s really simple to use and there are no hidden steps or fees, and there are a great selection of guides on the site to get you started. The only thing holding Bonanza back is its small audience when compared to eBay, the big fish in this pond. Bonanza is an online marketplace where items for sale are listed through their seller account. It’s an online marketplace that connects buyers to your products.

Player’s Account Was Reset For Unknown Reasons

However, when using Bonanza, you don’t need to be worry since such a marketplace use industry-standard security protocols to protect your data. When you provide your personal information on the website, the Bonanza system will encrypt the transmission of that data by using a special technology called Secure Sockets Layer . Again, yes, Bonanza is safe, and it prioritizes the protection of users’ data. But since you have, contact Bonanza and give them a chance to rectify it. If they do not contact the Better Business Bureau in the state that Bonanza is register in and file a complaint.

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US Post Office states item was returned to sender due to an issue with tracking number. Wrote to seller numerous times and never received a response. The only use PayPal which is of no help at all with issues with a vendor. Strongly suggest not to do business with this seller.

Hence, as a buyer, always make it a habit to review the shipping costs before you complete your purchase. The higher your fees, the more sales outlets your products will be featured on. This ensures that you have consistent listings across all salesplatforms that you have. It makes your entire selling experience efficient and quicker. If you haven’t used the Bonanza platform yet, do yourself a favor and try out the free trial.

What Is Bonanza?

We’d be happy to clear up this misunderstanding regarding our fees. 1) The PayPal fee you mentioned is charged and collected directly by PayPal for processing the payment. 2) The „partner fee“ is sales tax Bonanza collects directly from the buyer, as required by law. Rest assured, sales tax is paid by the buyer and is not something that comes out of your pocket.